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CQC Provider Portal: online services for providers

  • Organisations we regulate

The CQC Provider Portal is an online system that allows registered providers to complete transactions with us quickly and efficiently.

Once you're using the Provider Portal, you can send us statutory notifications and apply to make changes to your registration with easy-to-use, responsive, online forms.

Signing up for a Provider Portal account

We'll need to send you an invitation before you can sign up for the Provider Portal. So far we've invited:

  • All GP providers
  • Adult social care providers with one to five locations
  • Dental care services with one to five locations
  • All independent ambulance services
  • Independent healthcare services with one to five locations
  • All NHS organisations

We plan to make the Provider Portal available to the remaining, larger providers in the adult social care, dental care and independent healthcare sectors, once we have completed some technical development work.

Can anybody in my organisation sign up?

We only send invitations to people who are registered providers – such as sole traders and partners – and to people who are in regulated roles, such as nominated individuals and registered managers.

If you are not in a regulated role, you can still use the Provider Portal as a 'delegated user', as long as the provider you work for has been invited to sign up. You'll need to ask someone in your organisation who is in a regulated role to give you access. They can set you up as a delegated user through their account.

If you haven't received an invitation

If you are one of the types of provider listed above and you haven't received an invitation to sign up, check your spam folder first. If you can't find our email, please contact us.

Benefits of using the Provider Portal

You'll save time by:

  • Quickly finding the forms relevant to your provider and service type.
  • Easily completing responsive online forms, pre-populated with the information we already hold.
  • Easily sharing draft forms with colleagues for approval before submitting.
  • Readily accessing guidance for each form.

You'll stay on track by:

  • Keeping your registration details up to date.
  • Viewing your submitted and 'in progress' forms, including your full history of submissions.
  • Managing delegated user accounts with a range of permission options for your staff.

Where to get help

If you have any questions about the Provider Portal, please email or call 03000 616161 and choose option four for the CQC Provider Portal.

Our National Customer Service Centre opening hours are Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm, excluding bank holidays.

Last updated:
8 August 2016