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Celebrating good care, championing outstanding care

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Everybody has a right to good care. Much attention is rightly focused on poor care, but it's also important to recognise where care is good and to celebrate the services that are getting it right.

Some care providers do things well through innovative ways of working or by doing the basics well. Others can learn from them and solutions should be shared across the system.

What we've found

Among the best care we have found is in services that acknowledge there is always room for improvement – they are proactive, seeking feedback on their services and learning from concerns and complaints.

Our report includes a collection of short case studies illustrating some of the qualities shown by care providers that are rated good or outstanding overall. It also shares the views of some people responsible for care quality and what they do to drive improvement.

What underpins good and outstanding care?

Three themes in particular are emerging as drivers of better quality of care:

  • Care is person-centred, designed around the individual and includes their involvement.
  • The importance of the line-of-sight from senior leadership to the frontline staff and services.
  • Good care includes the provider checking on how well they are doing.

In this new quarterly report and other reporting methods, we will share good practice where we find it and signpost excellence for other providers.

Last updated:
30 March 2015