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Experts by Experience

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Our Experts by Experience programme involves the public in inspections and activities.

Experts by Experience are people who have personal experience of using or caring for someone who uses health, mental health and/or social care services that we regulate.

Remploy and Choice Support are the organisations that provide us with Experts by Experience.

Who could be an Expert by Experience?

  • People in the early stages of living with dementia
  • Family carers of people living with dementia
  • Older people who use regulated services
  • Family carers of older people who use regulated services
  • People who have a learning disability, people who have a dual diagnosis of learning disabilities and mental health conditions, people living with autism
  • People who have a physical and/or sensory impairment
  • Family carers of people who have severe learning disabilities and/or behaviour that is considered to be challenging
  • People who have experience of using mental health services
  • People with experience of detention under the Mental Health Act
  • People who have experience of using substance misuse services
  • Children and young people who use health, mental health or care services, or are family carers
  • Family carers of children and young people who use health, mental health or care services
  • People who have recently used maternity services

What do Experts by Experience do?

During inspections, Experts by Experience speak to people using services and their family or organisations that support them. They may also observe how the service is delivered and speak to staff. Their findings are used to support the inspectors’ judgments on services and may be included in inspection reports.

Experts by Experience also take part in our other activities such as assisting in training inspectors and taking part in working groups.

Organisations involved

If you are interested in becoming an Expert by Experience, please contact the organisation for your region below and they will be able to tell you whether they are currently recruiting.


Remploy engage, support and manage the involvement of Experts by Experience in the our North, South and London regions.

Visit the Remploy website or contact

Choice Support

Choice Support recruits, supports and manages the involvement of Experts by Experience in our Central region.

Choice Support are not recruiting currently. Please check the Choice Support website for details of any future planned targeted recruitment.

Last updated:
9 August 2017


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