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Our review of mental health services for children and young people

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We're reviewing children and young people’s mental health services across the country to see what is working and what is not.

Why we're carrying out this review

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, asked us to look at children and young people’s mental health services when she announced a series of measures to "transform mental health support".

Our review will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current system. We will use what we learn to make recommendations that ensure that all young people have access to the mental health support they need. 

The findings of the review will feed into a new Green Paper on children and young people’s mental health, expected in the autumn.

What we're doing

Our review will ask:

“How can we ensure that all partners make their contribution and work together so that children and young people, and their families/carers, have timely access to high-quality mental health care?”

To carry out this work, we are:

  • listening to young people, their families or carers and inviting comments from members of the public
  • working with an expert advisory group made up of a range of people and organisations, including charities, campaigners and government bodies
  • working with partners, including NHS England, Ofsted, and the National Audit Office
  • looking at evidence we have gathered from our reports and external research into mental health provision for children and young people

We follow a consistent process when we carry out reviews. Read about our review process.

What we aim to achieve

  • The report must add value. The work must build on what we already know and not go over old ground
  • Our unique contribution will be from the perspective of the services that we regulate. We will work with other national partners to extend the scope of the programme.
  • The work will involve full co-production. We will involve young people, families and stakeholder organisations
  • The report will have recommendations for partners that, if implemented, will result in system improvements

We aim to publish our initial findings in October 2017.

Last updated:
18 July 2018


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