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Area data profiles

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These profiles give a picture of the health and social care system by area. They bring together data to give an indication of how different services work together.

We used national data to build a set of cross-sector indicators. The profiles show how well the system in each area performs against them.

On their own, these profiles do not imply a judgement about how well areas perform. It's important to look at a wider range of indicators and information held locally.

Regional area data profiles

These profiles contain data for each of the 7 NHS England and NHS Improvement regional footprints.

The maps in these reports include data that can help us to understand the quality of care, access to that care, and the effectiveness of local care systems across each of these regions.

These profiles are being published to encourage improvement by supporting local areas to explore some of the themes in State of Care.

Local authority area data profiles

These profiles focus on the care pathway for people aged 65 or over living in these areas. We originally created them to help us carry out our local system reviews. We are also sharing them with local health and care leaders. We are doing this to help them improve the way different parts of the system work together.

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How we created our indicators

The technical annex out how we built the indicators, what data we used and what period it covers.

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Last updated:
15 May 2020