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The safer management of controlled drugs

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This report looks at what we have found through our oversight of the management and use of controlled drugs in England.

The data in this annual update relates to the calendar year 2020, but we also include relevant information for the first half of 2021 and cover the period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have also published the 2020 activity report for the Controlled Drugs National Group.

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What we found

From our analysis of the data and our wider inspection and regulatory work, we make the following recommendations to drive improvement in the safer management of controlled drugs:

  1. Providers need to include controlled drugs governance as part of their COVID-19 recovery plans
  2. Providers should enable all health and care staff to freely engage and participate in activities that support reflection and learning
  3. Those leading and working in local health and care systems need to collaborate to reduce risks of avoidable harm associated with controlled drugs
  4. All health and care professionals need to prioritise personalised patient care in the context of controlled drugs

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Previous safer management of controlled drugs reports

Download previous safer management of controlled drugs reports from the National Archives.

Last updated:
16 July 2021