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Provider: Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Good

Urgent and Emergency Care – Type 1 service

23 October 2019

This survey looked at the experiences of people who attended type 1 or type 3 urgent & emergency care (UEC) services.

Type 1 services include A&E departments, and may also be known as casualty or emergency departments.

Type 3 services include urgent care centres, urgent treatment centres and minor injury units. The survey only includes services directly run by an acute NHS trust.

These are the results for Type 1 services.

See the results for trusts that had an eligible Type 3 service.

We use surveys to find out about the experiences of people who receive care and treatment.

Between October 2018 and March 2019, a questionnaire was sent to:

  • 1,250 people who had used Type 1 services at trusts with no eligible Type 3 services
  • 950 people who had used Type 1 services at trusts who also had eligible Type 3 services

Responses were received from 297 people at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.