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Please tell us what you think about dialysis services

A hemodialysis machine

Dialysis services

Tell us about your experience to help improve our inspections


CQC's role and who we regulate

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulator of health and adult social care services. We check that hospitals, care homes, GPs, dentists and services in peoples' home are providing safe, effective care.

Our remit includes registering and inspecting a range of independent health services including dialysis services.

We publish our inspection findings – you can find our inspection reports and ratings (where applicable) at

Share your experience of dialysis services

We want to hear what you think about specific dialysis services – you can tell us by filling in a share your experience form

When filling in the form, remember to include the name/number of the ward (if applicable) and mention where you or your relative were receiving dialysis treatment.

We look at a lot of information about services before undertaking inspections, including experiences of care reported to us by patients, their family and friends and those who work at services.

The information you provide will help inform our inspections and may highlight issues we need to investigate further.

Please tell us about other services

You can also tell us about care from other services in your area such as your GP, dentist or care home. We'll use this information to help us to decide when to inspect and what we should look at during inspections.

Share your experience

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