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Welcome to our new homepage

12 September 2013
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We've made some changes to our homepage and the way search works on our site to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Some of the things you might notice have changed are...


Content that has changed or moved on our old homepage

The Organisations we regulate section is now called Service providers. There's a link to it in the top bar of every page.

We've changed the way search on the site works in response to feedback we've received and the results of testing we have carried out. You can read more details further down this page.

Our About us information, previously found at the bottom of the page is now easily accessible from the About link on the top bar.

Reports, surveys and reviews, also formerly found at the bottom of the page can now be found in our Publications section.

The new homepage


  1. There are now new Home and About links in the top bar, so you can return to the homepage easily from any point in the site and also easily find out more about what we do.
  2. For service providers (previously For organisations we regulate) is available as a link in the top bar of every page and takes you to information for organisations that are registered with us.
  3. Within the new strapline under the top bar are links to five of our new sector pages, which you can read more about below.
  4. Two new buttons, Concerns about care (near the top right of the page) and Share Your Experience (bottom right underneath Get involved) make it easier for website users to tell us their concerns or share positive stories about good care.
  5. Search has been improved across the site, both the bar used for finding care services and the global search at the top right. The default when you're looking for care services is now to include all types of services and there are lots of new ways to filter your results.
  6. For the public features links to popular pages commonly used by members of the public visiting our website - information about how we work, the services we regulate and how to share your experience.
  7. For service providers provides links to popular pages frequently used by care providers - how to make send us notifications or get guidance on meeting the standards.
  8. Latest checks gives the numbers of inspections that have been carried out by CQC in the last 30 days, with details of how many met standards, how many didn't meet all the standards and how many we are taking enforcement action against. Clicking on the ‘All latest checks’ link gives full names and details of the providers that have been inspected.
  9. Quick links enables easy access to popular pages throughout the site, saving you time in looking for information you’re interested in.
  10. You can find all our latest News on the right-hand side of the homepage, with the latest five stories showing. There's also a 'ticker' at the bottom of the page that rotates through the most recent stories.
  11. The links under Services we regulate, check and inspect take you through to pages on these eight common types of service you may be interested in. Here you can find out about these types of service and our latest findings on them.
  12. Checks on services in your area enables you to search for providers in your local authority, something that is particularly useful to commissioners of care.
  13. Publications was previously known as Reports, surveys and reviews and is located towards the bottom left of the homepage. It contains all our major reports.
  14. In Our blogs, at the bottom right, you can read about the life and work of one of our inspectors or our latest digital developments.
  15. Get involved enables providers to link through to pages explaining the various ways to help CQC by getting involved in our work.
  16. Footer links appear on every page on the site, making it much easier to navigate the site from wherever you are.

New public page

Clicking on the For the public link on the homepage takes you to a newly-added page designed for users of services or their carers.

Here you can find out more about what CQC does, how we regulate healthcare and how you can find information on specific services that you’re interested in.

New sector pages

Clicking on the links on the homepage under the heading Services we regulate, check and inspect takes you to newly-added pages dedicated to eight key service types that CQC regulates. These are hospitals, care homes, dentists, GPs, services in your home, clinics, mental health and community services.

On these pages you can learn more about the different types of services within each sector, find out key facts and statistics on inspections in these areas, and get names and contact details of individual services.

Last updated:
29 May 2017