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We cannot intervene in care home fees, says CQC

28 March 2011
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Jo Williams comments on reports that CQC should intervene in care home fees, following news that some self-funded residents of care homes are paying more than councils are prepared to pay providers for people who qualify for state funding.

"CQC's role as the regulator of adult social care is to ensure that services meet the essential standards of quality and safety which underpin the statutory regulations. We do not have a remit to influence the financial arrangements between councils and care providers, or how much providers charge people who pay for their own care. These matters are decided locally.

"A study published in May 2005 by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) found that people needed much better and easier access to information when choosing a care home, and more transparency about fees and charges, the services offered and the terms and conditions.

"CQC does require care homes to give people clear information about how much they will need to pay and what they will get for their money. This is particularly important for those who pay the cost of their care themselves, because they may not have advice and support from a council."

The requirements referred to in the paragraph above can be found in Regulation 19 of the Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009.

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