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Update on Intelligent Monitoring for acute and specialist NHS trusts and NHS trusts that provide mental health services

28 October 2015
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Intelligent Monitoring for NHS acute and specialist trusts

CQC will not be publishing any further iteration of Intelligent Monitoring reports for NHS Acute and Specialist Trusts.

The Intelligent Monitoring reports have been a key part of our new regulatory approach. Together with local insight and other factors, they have helped us to decide when, where and what to inspect, giving our inspectors a clearer picture of the areas of care that need to be looked at.

By March 2016, all NHS acute and specialist trusts will have had an inspection under the new regulatory approach, using the comprehensive methodology introduced in 2014. We will continue to provide up-to-date intelligence, in the form of data packs, to inform the remaining comprehensive inspections.

We are using our learning from the first round of hospitals inspections to review what developments and improvements we should make to our inspection approach for hospitals. This will include how we use intelligence to inform our approach.

We recently published Building on Strong Foundations, which forms the basis for developing our new strategy from April 2016. It sets out our current thinking and our approach to the quality regulation of health and social care services in the future including the development of smarter monitoring and strengthening insight from data. You can share your views on Building on Strong Foundations via this web form or by emailing

We will continue to work with the Acute Intelligent Monitoring Provider Reference Group as we develop our approach.

Updated Intelligent Monitoring reports for NHS trusts that provide mental health services (IMv.3)

Updated Intelligent Monitoring reports for NHS trusts that provide mental health services are scheduled to be published on our website on Thursday 25 February 2016.

On Monday 11 January, we will contact trusts so that they can review their draft report. The review period will be ten working days. We will also share the final report with trusts two days before publication on our website.

The updated Intelligent Monitoring reports (IMv.3) will include most of the indicators from the second version of the intelligent monitoring reports (IMv2.). Where available, the indicators will be based on more recent data.

Responding to feedback from stakeholders, we are considering including some new indicators in the reports in February. We are currently testing these potential new indicators and in November, we will circulate the final list of indicators that we are intending to include or change.

The reports published in February will not include the ‘priority bands for inspection’. This is because the majority of trusts will fall into the ‘recently inspected’ category by the time of publication.

NHS Mental Health Intelligent Monitoring reports version three (IMv.3) – key dates

  • Monday 11 January 2016 – draft reports shared with trusts
  • Friday 22 January 2016 – deadline for feedback/queries
  • Week beginning 8 February 2016 –notification to trusts that are adversely affected by any changes made as a result of feedback
  • Thursday 25 February 2016 – publication of reports on the CQC website

Following the publication of the reports in February, we plan to review and evaluate our approach to intelligent monitoring for NHS trusts that provide mental health services.

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