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Update for Experts by Experience

28 January 2016
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Over the past few weeks, concerns have been raised with CQC by some Experts by Experience in relation to moving between their current employers and Remploy Ltd, one of the two organisations awarded new contracts to deliver Experts by Experience services from 1 February.

These concerns have mainly been in respect of the rate of pay offered by the new supplier Remploy.

Our contractual discussions with Remploy Ltd and Choice Support are now complete. We understand that Remploy have now published the rates on their website which confirms current Experts by Experience who wish to transfer from their current employers to Remploy Ltd will be paid at an hourly rate of £15 for the first six months of the contract - commencing February 1st 2016. The hourly rate will then change to £12.50 per hour for at least the next 6 months.

Although we do not set pay rates, we would want to ensure that everyone affected is alerted to the offer by Remploy to current Experts by Experience who wish to transfer from their current employers to Remploy Ltd. Our decision to award these new contracts focussed on expanding the numbers of Experts by Experience involved in our inspections, ensuring that the high quality contribution Experts by Experience have provided to date is maintained and delivering value for money.

In addition, some concerns have been raised about the arrangements to transfer existing Experts, particularly those whose experience of care services has not been within the past five years. We can confirm that all Experts by Experience who want to transfer will be able to continue their work as an Expert and no time bar will apply.

Chris Day, CQC Director of Engagement, said:

‘The Experts by Experience programme is of enormous value to the CQC and will continue to be critical to the success of our work.

‘We have listened to the concerns that some Experts by Experience have raised with us about the changes to their contracts – and although we do not set pay rates, we have tried to address these concerns and to ensure as much protection for existing Experts as possible.

‘We sincerely hope that the Experts who currently work with us will continue to do so. Our increased investment in the Experts by Experience programme demonstrates how much we value the involvement of Experts in our work and the individual expertise and experience they bring to our inspections, policies, strategies and training of our own staff.”

Any existing Expert can contact the new suppliers to express their interest in continuing to work as an Expert by Experience. They do not need to reapply but it may be necessary for them to confirm some of their details with the new supplier, Remploy Limited.

Please contact Choice Support or Remploy Limited with any queries or questions you have and they will ensure you are directed to the relevant organisation for a response.

Contact details

Remploy Limited

Experts by Experience Team
18c Meridian East
Meridian Business Park
LE19 1WZ

Tel: 0845 155 2700



Choice Support

Tel: 0207 261 4107



Experts by Experience contracts with Remploy Ltd and Choice Support can be found on the GOV.UK contracts finder website.

This story was originally published on 28 January 2016 and updated with additional information on 1 March and 27 May 2016.

Last updated:
29 May 2017