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Study finds people’s attitudes towards mental health are improving – what about the media’s?

16 July 2015

A national survey out today (Thursday 16 July) shows that people’s attitudes towards mental health are improving remarkably, with more people than ever saying that they would not be put off from living, working or having a relationship with someone who has experience of a problem.

The National Attitudes to Mental Illness survey by Time to Change also shows that generally people are becoming more tolerant and understanding of those with mental health issues.

The results come as Mental Health Practice magazine publishes an article by our Head of Hospital Inspections for Mental Health, James Mullins about the power of the media to shape perceptions of mental illness. The piece was written when James was director of Sturdee Community Rehabilitation Hospital.

James writes that while mainstream media can often sensationalise perceptions and issues, progress has been made – in particular, with broadcast media encouraging viewers to regard people with mental health concerns with empathy rather than fear.

The article can be read online here.

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29 May 2017