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Statement on CQC's actions in relation to Hillgreen Care Ltd

27 July 2017
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On Thursday 27 July 2017, The Times published an article, which alleged that CQC was involved in the 'cover-up' of the rape of a resident in a service for people with learning disabilities in November 2015 – the Colne Road site in north London run by the provider, Hillgreen Care Ltd. The article also questioned the nature and timeliness of CQC's enforcement actions against the provider.

In response, Sir David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has commented on this and the actions CQC will take in future.

Sir David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said:

"Today's coverage in the Times has rightfully challenged the action we have taken in respect of the care provided to the people who were resident at Colne Road.

"Whilst we did take action that led to the closure of this and two other services run by the Hillgreen Care Ltd, I believe that we could and should have taken action more speedily, both to ensure people were safe and in prosecuting this provider.

"Consequently, I am commissioning an independent investigation, which will report publicly to the CQC Board and identify what has happened, what we should have done differently and which will make recommendations to strengthen our future work.

"We expect openness and transparency from those we regulate and we will hold ourselves to account to those same standards.

"Details of the investigation and the person who will lead it will be confirmed in due course."



  1. CQC inspected the Colne Road service that was run by Hillgreen Care Ltd in November 2015 following the alleged incident involving the rape of a former resident. During this and CQC’s further inspections in January and March 2016, the incident was the subject of an ongoing police investigation, which concluded in December 2016.
  2. CQC began to cancel the registration of the Colne Road service in February 2016. This process concluded in January 2017.
  3. In April 2015, CQC acquired additional powers to prosecute providers and individuals when people within their care have been harmed or placed at risk of harm. Using these, CQC is actively pursuing what further action it can take against Hillgreen Care Ltd in relation to the failings it identified at the Colne Road site – work is ongoing but CQC accepts the concern that this should happen sooner. In addition to this, as a result of CQC's actions, Hillgreen Care Ltd’s services closed at Oxford Gardens, College Park Road and Myddleton Road respectively. Its other services at Stoke Newington Common, Herbert Road and Ruskin Road remain under review.
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27 July 2017