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The safer management of controlled drugs annual report 2010

4 August 2011
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Controlled drugs are types of medicine, such as morphine and diamorphine, that could potentially be abused by the user.

Many controlled drugs are essential to modern clinical care and are used as treatment for severe pain.

Our latest report shows improvements in the way that controlled drugs are managed and how organisations share concerns.

However, chief executives and accountable officers should continue to keep the management of controlled drugs a high priority, particularly during the reorganisation of the NHS. This is to ensure that the gains in safety made over the past four years are not lost.

Below are our other recommendations:

  • Chief executives and accountable officers should ensure that Controlled Drugs Local Intelligence Networks (CD LINs) have robust working arrangements, are fit for purpose and adequately prepared for the transition.
  • Non-designated bodies should also be encouraged to participate more in the information-sharing process.
  • All professionals and providers of care should be aware of guidance that is published by relevant professional bodies and agencies.

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29 May 2017