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Rethink's anti-psychotic medication survey – our response

17 May 2016
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  • Mental health hospital services

Paul Lelliott, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals (lead for mental health), has responded to results of a survey published today by Rethink around the use of anti-psychotic medication.

Dr Lelliot said: “The results of this survey conducted by Rethink are concerning and chime with the concerns that we raised in our own Mental Health Act report last year.

“In this, we found that services were not always ensuring that their staff understood the Mental Health Act’s ‘code of practice’ and that patients were not always fully involved in decisions about their own care. The code explicitly requires providers to assess and address people’s physical healthcare needs, including promoting healthy living and taking steps to reduce potential side effects of psychiatric treatment. We expect providers to take the necessary action.

”A system-wide effort is needed to ensure that people receive the care and support they need. Services need to empower patients and involve them in decisions about their care and treatment, even in the context of compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act – and provide a much greater emphasis on avoiding blanket rules and restrictive practices for patients.

“Where we see people’s rights are not being protected, we will continue to take action to improve their situation and make sure they receive better care.”

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29 May 2017