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Regulatory fees for providers

10 March 2017
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We have outlined the fees that registered providers of health and adult social care will be charged to recover the costs of their regulation.

The fees, set following consultation, will apply from 1 April 2017.

David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, said: "All providers of health and care must be registered in order to provide services. The fee paid by providers is the charge for being registered with CQC."

Our regulatory functions are funded both by fees paid by providers and by grant-in-aid from the Department of Health. Government policy requires us to move towards full chargeable cost recovery for all health and adult social care providers that it regulates in England. The amounts that providers will pay depends on the type of health or social care they offer, and how close their sectors are already to meeting the chargeable cost of their regulation in full.

Last updated:
29 May 2017