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Regulators publish guide to special measures for trusts

6 May 2014
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CQC, Monitor and the Trust Development Authority (TDA) have brought together guidance on special measures, which has been published on the regulators’ websites as a guide for trusts.

Special measures apply to NHS trusts and foundation trusts that have serious failures in quality of care and where there are concerns that existing leadership cannot make the necessary improvements without support.

Trusts are put into special measures by the NHS TDA while foundations trusts will be put into special measures by Monitor. Generally, this happens following a recommendation by Professor Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals.

This guide, developed jointly by CQC, Monitor and NHS TDA, describes how the special measures programme works for NHS trusts and foundation trusts.

It explains:

  • why trusts are placed in special measures.
  • what will happen to trusts during special measures.
  • the roles and responsibilities of key organisations involved.
  • when and how trusts will exit special measures.
Last updated:
21 December 2017