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Prototype report explores care quality in local area

3 February 2016
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We have published the first of three prototype reports looking at how we might assess the quality of care in a local area to encourage improvement.

Care in North Lincolnshire

The report, which looks at the quality of care in North Lincolnshire, has been produced as part of a pilot project designed to look at quality of care across an area. The project looks at how services are coordinated and whether this information is useful in addition to our existing regulation of individual care providers, such as hospitals, care homes and GP services.

The report on North Lincolnshire has been produced with the help and support of local health and care organisations and will be presented to members of North Lincolnshire's Health and Wellbeing board and key stakeholders later in the month.

This was not an inspection and we have not rated the area. The report was based on a combination of existing data and interviews and discussion groups. Existing data included the results of the inspections we have carried out in the area and other data and information from local people and local and national organisations, including Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Tameside and Salford

The second and third prototype reports on Tameside and Salford in Greater Manchester will be published later in the spring.

Together, the prototype reports will be evaluated to understand if we can demonstrate whether reporting on quality of care in a place can encourage improvement locally. Feedback from local organisations and local people will be an important part of the evaluation.

Share your views

If you live in North Lincolnshire and would like to share your feedback on the project and on how useful you find the content of the report, you can complete a short feedback questionnaire.

Have your say on the report

We will also be exploring whether reports can help our inspection of health and care providers by giving our inspection teams more context about an area, and we will be using the reports to inform our thinking about how to regulate new, emerging models of care.

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