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Patients’ charity working with us to help root out poor care

27 November 2012
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Earlier this month the national charity, Patients Association published a ‘Patient Stories’ report which includes testimony from relatives of patients who have experienced unacceptably poor care.

The report referenced the work we have been doing with the charity to make sure concerns about poor care raised with Patients Association are shared quickly with us and acted on where necessary.

Information from members of the public about the care they receive is valuable intelligence to us, helping us make informed decisions about when, where and what to inspect.

People can already contact us through our website, or by telephone or email to report their experiences of care, but we wanted to reach more people with recent experiences of hospitals, care homes and care in the home.

The Patients Association receives over 8,000 thousand calls from people about their experiences of care every year.

For six months, between March and September, the charity passed on to us any concerns relevant to our work from people who contacted its Helpline. We then used the information to inform our monitoring of the service. Several concerns we received via the Patients Association led to urgent, unannounced inspections.

We are going to continue working with the Patients Association, and others, in this way. The next phase of our work will focus on the experiences of elderly people.

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