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Outpatient survey 2011

14 February 2012
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The results of the latest survey show that more patients are treated with respect and dignity but the way they are given information about treatments and results needs to improve.

More than 72,000 outpatients responded to the survey and gave feedback about their experiences of waiting times, hospital facilities, seeing a doctor or other members of staff, tests and treatments and prescribed medications.

Key findings for England

Since 2009, more people:

  • were seen on time or earlier for their appointment
  • felt that they were treated with respect and dignity. 
  • felt that their doctor listened to them.
  • felt involved in decisions about their care and treatment.
  • reported that doctors gave reasons for any treatment or action
  • reported that toilets in outpatient departments were ‘very clean’.

The results also show that staff need to improve the way they provide information to patients about:

  • how long they have to wait if their appointment is delayed.
  • risks and benefits of treatments.
  • what happens during treatments.
  • why tests are needed.
  • test results.
  • the purpose of medication and side effects.

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