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National Care Home Open Day

15 May 2014

Building on our successful involvement last year we are supporting the second National Care Home Open Day on Friday 20 June 2014.

Care homes across the country will open their doors to visitors, inviting local people to meet residents and learn more about care homes. One of the primary aims of the day is to encourage better links between care homes and the communities in which they operate. Closer links with local communities help to stop people in the care home feeling isolated and help to make sure quality care is being provided all the time.

Last year over 150 inspectors attended a local care home across the country as part of our support for the day. We used the opportunity to engage with local people, and increase public awareness and understanding of our role. This year, in addition to the participation of inspectors in the Open Day, our staff will also be attending a care home close to them.

Our presence in care homes on National Care Home Open Day will be a visible demonstration of our commitment to build better relationships with the public. It enables us to celebrate good practice amongst care home providers and to encourage by example, greater cohesion between local communities and care homes. Through the conversations they have with residents, staff and visitors they will be able to gain tangible understanding of what it is like to experience care.

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29 May 2017