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Modern slavery statement

25 June 2018
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Modern slavery and human trafficking are criminal offences under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. CQC agreed a statement on modern slavery at the June board meeting.

The statement covers:

  • action we will take if we have concerns about modern slavery and human trafficking operating in services we regulate
  • including in our regulatory work, the way that health and social care services protect victims of modern slavery or human trafficking as part of their safeguarding responsibilities
  • ensuring modern slavery or human trafficking are not present in our supply chains

We are not legally obliged to publish this statement under the Modern Slavery Act. However, as a public sector body we must operate in ways that are compatible with the Human Rights Act 1998, including the right for people to be free from slavery and forced labour. By publishing this statement, we will provide clarity to providers, other stakeholders and CQC staff on our role in combatting modern slavery and human trafficking and the actions that we are taking.

Sir David Behan, Chief Executive, said

“The values of CQC - especially caring and integrity - mean that we need to play our part in protecting the victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and in reducing the incidence of these crimes in the future. This statement provides a signal to the health and social care sector that we will work with others to help eradicate modern slavery and provides clarity for our staff on action to take.”

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25 June 2018