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Join a national data workshop

23 June 2015
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The National Information Board (NIB) is a new body that brings together health and care organisations as well as lay representatives.

It aims to make data and technology benefit patients, people who use services, citizens and the caring professionals who serve them, and to help ensure that health and care is sustainable.

NIB is investigating how health and care data could be used most effectively and efficiently for secondary uses in England. As part of this work, CQC is co-chairing two national workshops. These are aimed at anyone who has an interest in health and care data for secondary purposes and will be held on:

These workshops aim to provide participants with an overview of our work so far and to promote discussion on this work and our priorities.

If you are interested in helping to improve secondary uses data across the NHS and social care, please join us and give us your views.

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29 May 2017