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Information published today for providers on the use of surveillance

16 December 2014
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Information has been published today (Tuesday 16th December) for all health and adult social care providers who may be considering or already using hidden (covert) and open (overt) surveillance in their service.

Agreed by the CQC Board at the public meeting on 19th November, the information sets out some of the key issues providers should take into account to help ensure any decisions about the potential use of surveillance are informed, appropriate and lawful.

Separate information for families, carers and people who use health and adult social care services is expected to be published in January 2015.

Commenting on today's information for providers, our Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe, said:

"We know from our engagement work with providers over the past year that the use of surveillance in any form is a complex topic and one that attracts a wide range of opinion. Some already make use of these techniques while others are adamantly opposed.

"It is important that providers understand the issues they need to consider – including proper consultation with the people who use services, their families and staff – before choosing to use hidden or open surveillance. I hope our information will assist them.

"What is most important is that providers concentrate on delivering care that is compassionate, high quality, safe and effective by ensuring they have sufficient numbers of capable and confident staff who can meet the standards people using services have every right to expect."

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