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Experts by Experience procurement: December update

14 December 2017
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We've now received hundreds of comments about the Experts by Experience programme as part of our re-procurement process.

Work is now underway:

  • gathering service requirements for future Expert by Experience contracts
  • evaluating the current programme
  • speaking with our staff, current Experts by Experience, members of the public, providers and prospective suppliers

Recent engagement activity around the re-procurement includes work with the following audiences:

Current Experts by Experience

  • Focus group (30 people in attendance)
  • Survey (190 responses)

Members of the public with an interest in the programme

  • July 2017 survey (52 responses from our online community)
  • Nov 2017 survey (220 responses)
  • Public focus group (11 people in attendance)

Providers from all sectors

  • 60 providers have attended co-production group meetings (these groups also include current Experts by Experience and inspection colleagues)

Market engagement

40 suppliers have registered an interest in the procurement. 32 potential suppliers attended three market engagement events in October and November.

We used the events to share and gather feedback on the procurement's high level requirements, timelines and procedure.

The events also gave space for suppliers to discuss potential collaboration. This is important as we want to support small organisations that may prefer to work through others.

Our responses to questions

We're sharing our responses to questions from members of the public and prospective suppliers.

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Register an interest in the procurement

Organisations who would like to register an interest in the procurement, including the option to collaborate with other organisations, should register on the CQC Provider Portal eTendering Service.

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20 December 2017