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#DoSomethingNew for Dementia Awareness Week

19 May 2015
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We are showing support for this year's Dementia Awareness Week as part of our priority to inspire improvement in the care of people living with dementia.

We know that life doesn't end when dementia begins, and this year's campaign organised by The Alzhemier's Society, is all about encouraging people to mark the week by 'doing something new' and sharing the results on social media to help people living with dementia.

Improving the lives of people living with dementia, and their families, is a critical focus of our work following the publication of our Cracks in the Pathway report last October that found too many people were at risk of receiving poor dementia services as they move between care homes and hospitals.

We are now seven months into our plan of rating all adult social care services in England by September 2016 as either Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate, which means we can celebrate some of the really great dementia care that does exist – see what our inspection team found at Vida Hall, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for example.

Providing accommodation for up to 70 people who live with a dementia related condition, we awarded Vida Hall the highest rating we can give in February this year after finding people were being treated with dignity and respect from dedicated, supportive and approachable staff who ensured whatever people needed was provided so they could achieve the best quality of life possible.

Our inspection team found staff spent quality time with people to give them emotional support and comfort, including reminiscing about their life, singing, discussing the news of the day or going for a walk. A wide range of activities were also available to which people's family and friends were invited.

Staff carried out thorough assessments to identify people's needs, which were used to develop effective care plans, with changes in people's health and care needs being acted upon promptly to help protect their wellbeing.

Backing this year's Dementia Awareness Week, our Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe, said: "People who are living with dementia deserve to receive care that is compassionate, person centred and takes account of their physical and mental wellbeing. Making sure that happens is what we expect from the people who are in charge of running dementia services.

"Whilst we know there are some really good examples of care where managers and providers understand the needs of those they look after, who take account of recognised best practice and who know that small changes really can make a big difference to people living with dementia, we have only to look at our Cracks in the Pathway report to know that not everyone is meeting the standards of quality that we expect.

"Working together with providers, staff, commissioners, people who use dementia services and their carers and families; inspiring improvement in the care of people living with dementia will always remain a priority. Where we find poor care, we will take the necessary action to put things right.

"As the regulator, we will continue to shine a spotlight on the experiences of people living with dementia through the publication of a new thematic review later this year looking at the inequalities and variations in End of Life Care."

For further information, case studies and ideas to support this year's Dementia Awareness Week, read here.

Follow all of the action on Twitter @CareQualityComm #DoSomethingNew #DAW2015.

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