CQC website update

Page last updated: 19 May 2022

Our new website is more accessible, secure and easy to use. See what's changed.

The latest version of the CQC website shown on different digital devices such as a phone, table and laptop.

Adapts to your screen

Our website now adapts to suit all devices, whether you use a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Designed to meet the needs of all users

We are working on further accessibility improvements. By the middle of June 2022:

WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It is an internationally accepted framework for good, accessible design. 

See our accessibility statement for more information.

Comparative image showing the old and new versions of the search function on CQC website

Improved search

We redesigned our search bar to improve the speed and quality of the results.

You now have two types of search:

  • Use Find and compare services for reports and information about individual providers.
  • Use the content search bar to find news stories, guidance, publications and articles. (You can find this in the top right corner of  every page).

We have also:

  • reduced the level of detail in search results to make them easier to compare
  • improved the search filter so it is faster and easier to refine your results. 
Comparative image showing the old and new versions of the menu on CQC website

Simpler navigation

Based on feedback we have simplified the navigation menu. This means:

Improved email alerts

Email alerts for inspections and reports are now sent daily for alert subscribers instead of weekly. The increase in frequency means you means you will receive notifications of reports sooner after an inspection takes place or a report publishes.

Image showing the new provider resources section on CQC website

Widget and poster downloads for providers have moved 

You can now download widgets, posters and other resources direct from your provider profile page.

Find your provider profile page.

Next steps

There are more improvements to come including:

  • Stricter standards so all information we publish will be clear, concise and useful.
  • Updated guidance for providers.
  • Redevelopment of our public advice based on user research and feedback.
  • Improving the design of large online documents such as provider guidance and publications. This will make them easier to read, download and print.

Give feedback on our website

There are two ways to send us feedback:

  1. Use the Report a bug form if something is not working, or is behaving in an unexpected way.
  2. Email webteam@cqc.org.uk for general feedback.