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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 13 March 2013
Date of Publication: 13 July 2013
Inspection Report published 13 July 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 13 March 2013

During a routine inspection

This inspection included visits to the following wards: Mount/McMaster, Harbledown, Invicta and Marlowe. We observed and talked with 30 patients and 11 relatives on the wards and spoke to 14 staff, including ward managers and junior doctors. Around half the patients we spoke with had reduced mental capacity, for example dementia or confusion, and needed additional support to understand their treatments and care in the hospital.

People told us the staff explained their treatment to them and gave them enough time to make a decision. One patient on Invicta ward told us �Doctors explain what they are about to do with my treatment, so I always know what�s going on�. All the staff we spoke to were aware of their responsibilities to support people to make decisions about their care and treatment. Some of the relatives told us that discharge planning was an area that needed some improvement as there was confusion about whether patients were ready to be discharged and what arrangements had been made for post discharge support.

The wards were very busy and active. Harbledown and Mount/McMaster had extra beds because of winter pressures such as seasonal infections. Staff, patients and visitors commented on how busy the staff were and some said they were short staffed but all the comments about the staff and the care were positive. Patients and relatives said the staff were friendly. One patient commented, "We have a laugh together which makes it more friendly."