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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 26 July 2012
Date of Publication: 30 August 2012
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (30 August 2012) PDF


Inspection carried out on 26 July 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Dignity and Nutrition

People told us what it was like to be a patient in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. They described how they were treated by staff and their involvement in making choices about their care. They also told us about the quality and choice of food and drink available. This was because this inspection was part of a themed inspection programme to assess whether older people in hospitals were treated with dignity and respect and whether their nutritional needs were met.

We visited three wards during our visit. These wards were chosen as the majority of the patients were older people.

The inspection team was led by a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector joined by a practising professional and an Expert by Experience, who has personal experience of using or caring for someone who uses this type of service.

We spoke with more than 30 people. They were generally positive about the hospital regarding the ward environment, choice of menu, facilities and their surroundings.

We heard about some very positive experiences of the hospital. For example �this hospital saved my life� and �I cannot tell you how much I respect them for what they have done for me�. One person said she �loved this hospital and that this hospital loved her�.