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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 9, 16 March 2011
Date of Publication: 15 April 2011
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Inspection carried out on 9, 16 March 2011

During a routine inspection

Generally people we spoke to were very happy with the care that they were receiving at the hospital. They told us that they were well looked after and that they didn’t have to wait for staff to help them when they called.

Comments included, ‘It’s brilliant’, ‘Staff very nice – good to get along with’, ‘Superb’

One person said that her relative had been in the hospital 12 months ago. She said that, at that time, she was extremely unhappy with the way care and treatment was given to her relative. However, for this admission she said, “Much, much improved now – I’m very impressed with the way things are run now”.

Another person said “They’ve all done their best for me”. They said that care had been very good on every admission. She said she felt involved in her care and that staff listened to her.

One negative comment was received about care received a month ago.

There were two negative comments relating to the time that people had to wait for a bed: one in the medical admission and assessment unit (MAAU) and one who had been waiting for surgery.

People we spoke to were happy with the time taken to see a doctor following admission to the hospital.