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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 13, 14 March 2013
Date of Publication: 17 April 2013
Inspection Report published 17 April 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 13, 14 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited 14 wards; spoke with at least 34 patients and 46 staff. We saw staff talking with people in a respectful and calm way and responding promptly to patient�s needs. We found effective arrangements were in place to meet patient�s healthcare needs. Where necessary, patients were referred to external healthcare providers, such as local hospitals to have assessments and treatments.

Most patients were positive about the staff and the arrangements in place to occupy their time in a meaningful way. One patient said, �I feel they [the staff] understand most aspects of me and my personality, they are calm, good at their jobs.� Another patient told us, �I�m fully occupied and enjoying my therapies. The staff treat me well and I have no complaints.�

Some concerns were expressed about staffing levels and the impact this had on patients. We asked the trust to provide us with more information on this.

Most patients� felt safe and said that staff treated them with consideration. One patient said, "Restraint is done fairly and for the right reasons. Seclusion is hardly used, it's not used punitively." Another patient said, "I think that staff are really good, I have done very well on this ward."

Staff told us the induction to the hospital was good and they were well supported. They received appropriate supervision and had access to training that was relevant to their role.

We gave the trust just under 24 hours notice of this ispection taking place.