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Chesterfield Royal Hospital Good

We are carrying out a review of quality at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. We will publish a report when our review is complete. Find out more about our inspection reports.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 17 May 2011
Date of Publication: 12 July 2011
Inspection Report published 12 July 2011 PDF | 155.41 KB

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People should be cared for in safe and accessible surroundings that support their health and welfare (outcome 10)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are in safe, accessible surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

How this check was done

We reviewed all the information we hold about this provider, carried out a visit on 17/05/2011, checked the provider's records, observed how people were being cared for, looked at records of people who use services, talked to staff and talked to people who use services.

Our judgement

People receive care and treatment in safe and accessible surroundings.

User experience

People on the new wards said they were pleased with the facilities such as the spacious bays and the toilets and shower rooms in each bay.

The surveys and other information we looked at indicated that people thought the premises were safe and accessible for people using the service. There was one comment that the main reception desk was too high for people in wheelchairs. We saw when we visited that there was a part of the main reception desk that was at a suitable height for people using wheelchairs.

Other evidence

We saw that the new wards were designed with people’s privacy and dignity in mind, and also were of a good design for the prevention and control of infection. The provider told us there were plans to upgrade the sluice areas on the older wards in line with the standards provided on the new wards. Staff in the Women’s Health Unit told us that it had been identified that the premises were not altogether suitable for the range of services currently provided. Funding to refurbish and upgrade the current premises had been put back to next year. The provider told us that funding had been agreed to complete this work sometime next year.

The 2010 findings from the Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) inspections rated Chesterfield Royal Hospital as ‘good’ with regard to the facilities provided. The PEAT inspections are self-assessments managed by the National Patient Safety Agency that check non-clinical aspects of patient experience.

We asked the provider for information on how they would manage events such as fire, flood, electricity failure, and failure of computer systems. The information supplied by the provider showed they had comprehensive policies and procedures to deal with all foreseeable emergencies or interruptions to their service. The information included the provider’s policies and arrangements for ensuring security, such as having a 24 hour security team, all staff wearing identification badges, and coded locks to some areas of the hospital to prevent unauthorised entry.