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Some of the ratings of services provided at Liverpool Women's Hospital shown on this page are no longer relevant. Our latest ratings of specific services offered at the hospital are:

  • End of life care: Good  
  • Neonatal services: Good  
  • Gynaecology: Requires improvement  
  • Maternity: Good  

The other service ratings are from areas we now inspect as part of these. We will update this page to reflect this soon.

Read the latest inspection report for Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

We are carrying out a review of quality at Liverpool Women's Hospital. We will publish a report when our review is complete. Find out more about our inspection reports.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 7 February 2012
Date of Publication: 3 April 2012
Inspection Report published 3 April 2012 PDF | 72.85 KB


Inspection carried out on 7 February 2012

During a routine inspection

We asked people using the service to tell us about how well staff explained their care, treatment and support choices to them. We asked questions such as whether people felt they had been given enough information and choice about their treatment, if pain relief had been discussed and if they had been given information about their recovery.

The feedback we received from people was very positive. People told us that they had been fully involved in decisions about their care and treatment throughout their stay and they felt confident to ask staff questions about their treatment. People’s comments included the following;

“Staff have spent a lot of time explaining things and have encouraged me and my husband to ask questions”.

“I have asked lots of questions and they have always been answered”.

“I had a birth plan that I was involved in”.

“I can’t fault how I have been treated. It has been exceptional, I feel staff communicated everything I needed to know”.

“I was given a lot of information about the procedure and what to expect following it”.

“They have been completely open and honest and they have listened to me".

“I’ve talked with staff about how the birth might be. I’ve been given information about birth and pain relief".

People overwhelmingly told us that they felt included and involved in decisions about their care. However, a small number of maternity patients said that they did not feel that they had the opportunity to discuss birthing options and pain relief prior to their admission as part of their antenatal appointments. They did however tell us that they had been given written information on birth and pain relief.

We spoke with a number of patients and their relatives about their experience of care, support and treatment across the wards we visited. We asked people a variety of questions including questions about their comfort, pain relief, privacy and dignity, and if they felt safe. We also asked people to tell us their overall view of the quality of the service they were receiving. Every person we spoke with made positive comments about the care and treatment they received and we did not receive any negative comments. People’s comments included the following;

“I would give them ten out of ten. Everything has been brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for more. Anything I wanted I could get, staff have checked on me constantly and never left me alone it’s been superb really”

“They discussed my plan of care with me”.

"It's been brilliant"

"Staff have supported me with my baby and helped me to feed her and settle her".

"I had a midwife with me all of the time. They were brilliant with me and my partner"

"I couldn't fault the care I've had".

"I've had pain relief when I've needed it and they have helped me when I've not felt so well".

We asked patients if they felt safe during their stay and they told us that they did. One person said “I definitely feel safe”. Another person told us “Yes, I feel very safe”.

People told us that they would feel confident about telling someone if they were worried about their own safety or the safety of another patient. One person commented, “I would tell somebody if I didn’t feel safe or if I thought another patient felt that way”.

We asked people who were using the service a range of questions about the staff. We asked people to tell us if staff responded to them in an appropriate and timely manner, whether or not they felt confident in the skills and knowledge of the staff team and whether staff were meeting their needs. Each of the people we spoke with gave us very positive feedback about staff. They told us that staff responded to them quickly when they were needed and that staff appeared well trained and competent. People’s comments included the following;

“I can’t fault the staff they have been absolutely fantastic”.

“All the nurses have been brilliant”.

“They have gone the extra mile”.

“One of the nurses sat with me and reassured me for much longer than I expected”.