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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 25 September 2012
Date of Publication: 26 October 2012
Inspection Report published 26 October 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 25 September 2012

During a routine inspection

Patients we spoke with in both inpatient and outpatient areas said their care and treatment options had been discussed with them. They were asked for their consent before treatment was provided. They said they usually gave �verbal� consent, although sometimes it was written consent. Patients knew they were able to change their mind or decline treatment if they wished to.

Parents we spoke with had given consent for their children to be treated. They told us this was handled very well by staff and that care and treatment options were always discussed with them. One parent told us �All of my questions were fully answered�. All of the treatment for their child had been �agreed between me and the staff who have been supportive and helpful�. The provider may wish to note that the care records we looked at did not consistently records patient�s decisions about their consent to their care and treatment.

Every patient spoke very highly of the care and treatment provided in the hospital. Comments from patients included: �I�m very happy with my treatment� and �The care was absolutely excellent when I was in A&E and has been brilliant since I came onto this ward�. Some had used this hospital for a number of years. One patient told us �the staff have cared very well for me. We are very lucky here. The staff really get to know you�. Another said they had always been �consulted on care plans. As an inpatient they �had never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable through the actions of staff. They respected my dignity and privacy� and provided �wonderful care�. The provider may wish to not that we found some patient�s care and treatment records were not well kept.

We asked patients about the food served in the hospital. They told us they had a choice of meals and that the food was generally very good. They knew they could request an additional snack if they wanted one. They could also purchase snacks and drinks from a trolley which was taken around each ward. One patient said �Yes, the food is very good. We had a lovely meal yesterday. I have my menu here so I will choose what I want for tomorrow. You can choose an extra snack if you want when you order�.

We asked patients about their views of being discharged from the hospital. They told us their discharges had been handled well. Some patients had been discharged from the wards; others had used the discharge lounge. One said �I�m going home tomorrow. They have already discussed this with me. I�ve asked to use the discharge lounge this time as I have so much to take with me. They have sorted this out for me�.

Patients told us they felt safe in the hospital. No concerns were raised with us during our two days of inspections. Patients we spoke with said they were happy with their care and treatment and were very complimentary towards staff. Comments included �I haven�t had any concerns at all. It�s all been fine since I have been here� and �I�ve not had any concerns and I have never been upset about anything here�.

Patients spoke very highly of the staff. Comments included �They are very good nursing staff� and �The doctors, consultants and nursing staff are all very good�. Patients told us that there were enough staff working to meet their needs. One said �It does feel like there are enough staff around. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I last came into the hospital in January. That stay was fine as well�.

Patients told us they were asked to share their views. They felt their views were very important to the trust, that they were listened to and acted upon wherever possible. The trust had a Patient Experience Committee which met regularly. Patient stories were often presented as part of this meeting. Some patients had been asked to help the hospital develop and improve their care for certain patients, such as those with dementia.

Patients spoke about the different ways that their views were captured. These included the use of questionnaires and surveys. One patient told us �I have filled in a card that asks about the care, how clean the hospital was and how the staff were towards me. I was very happy with all of it�. Another said they had not yet completed a questionnaire as �they normally do this when you are leaving. I haven�t filled one in yet but I did when I was discharged last time. I was very happy with my care and I said so�.

Patients told us they knew how to complain should they need to. None of the patients we spoke with said they had ever complained about their care or the hospital more generally.