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Archived: Sevenacres (Inpatient Wards)

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 July 2011
Date of Publication: 5 September 2011
Inspection Report published 5 September 2011 PDF

People should be safe from harm from unsafe or unsuitable equipment (outcome 11)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are not at risk of harm from unsafe or unsuitable equipment (medical and non-medical equipment, furnishings or fittings).
  • Benefit from equipment that is comfortable and meets their needs.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Since our last visit some action has been taken to ensure that hazardous substances are stored securely at all times, but this is not consistently implemented.

We have a minor concern that people have been placed at risk by substances hazardous to health not being kept secure at all times.

On the basis of the evidence provided and the views of the people using the service, we found the service to be compliant with this outcome.

User experience

We did not, on this occasion, speak to people about this outcome, so cannot report what the people using the service said.

Other evidence

Our visit was a follow up to a review undertaken in March 2011 which found areas of non-compliance with this outcome relating to storage of substances hazardous to health and use of equipment.

We asked the Modern Matron of Sevenacres what changes had been made since our last visit in March 2011. He told us that lockable trolleys for cleaning equipment were on order. He reported that the Facilities Manager said that cleaners must have trolleys with them or locked away, and they had done a walk around together to reinforce this message. Since our visit, only washing up liquid and cream cleaner should be stored on top of the trolley.

However during our visit we saw an unattended cleaning trolley in a corridor which had accessible chemical cleaning products. The Modern Matron dealt with this issue immediately with the member of staff involved.

The Modern Matron told us that the use of the pressure relieving mattress which was identified as a concern at our last visit had been reviewed, and it was found that this was being correctly used as it has an automatic pressure sensor, although staff did not know this. Staff are now aware of how this works.

During our visit to the older people’s ward, we observed that storage space for equipment was extremely limited, and staff mentioned that this was a problem. Large items of equipment were stored in corridors and in the conservatory. The ward manager told us that there would be storage space included in a redevelopment which is planned for 2012.