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Mr David Cook Also known as London Holistic Dental Centre


Inspection carried out on 12 September 2013

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we spoke with one person who used the service who described the service as �absolutely amazing� and �the best I�ve ever been to�. We also looked at completed feedback questionnaires and letters of thanks that had been sent to the provider. Comments included, �wonderful care�, �excellent work� and �kept me informed and managed my expectations�. People were encouraged to provide feedback on the service and were made aware of the complaints policy and procedure. No complaints had been received in the year preceding our inspection.

People were given sufficient information on the treatment required. They were given an explanation of the different options available to them during their consultation, which was followed-up with a written treatment plan. People were also given written post-operative instructions.

People received care and treatment that ensured their safety and welfare from staff that received appropriate professional development. A detailed medical and dental history was taken for each person and any allergies or medical conditions were highlighted on the provider's electronic records system. There was emergency equipment available and all staff received basic life support training annually. There were systems in place to reduce the spread of infection and we saw reusable instruments were sterilised in accordance with recommended guidelines.