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Archived: Allied Healthcare - Sheffield No action required

This service was previously registered at a different address - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 1 May 2014

During a routine inspection

Allied Healthcare - Sheffield is a domiciliary care service that is registered to provide personal and nursing care. Support is provided to adults living in their own homes. Support is based on individual need and can range from a fifteen minute call up to twenty four hours a day.

The service had a registered manager in post at the time of inspection. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service and shares the legal responsibility for meeting the requirements of the law with the provider.

Our inspection team was made up of an inspector and an Expert by Experience. An Expert by Experience is a person who has personal experience of using or caring for someone who uses this type of care service.

As part of the inspection we contacted 14 people who used the service and six people’s close relatives by telephone. The people we spoke with told us they felt happy and safe with the service. They said staff treated them with respect and were mindful of their rights and dignity. They said staff were caring and kind.

People’s needs had been assessed and their care was given in a way that suited their needs. They were involved in making decisions about taking risks in their lives.

People who used the service and people who mattered to them, such as close family members, had been encouraged to make their views known about their care. People had contributed to their assessments and care plans, about how they should be given care and support and their packages of care had been designed around this.

People’s care plans had a good level of information about how each person should be supported which helped to make sure staff knew how to meet people’s needs.

Staff were well trained, skilled and experienced. People told us the staff were kind and gave them the privacy they needed. They said the staff had caring attitudes and encouraged people to be as independent as they could be.

People were encouraged to share any concerns and complaints they had. The people we spoke with had no complaints and said they were very happy with the service, as re was a new manager, who had made improvements.

People had a chance to say what they thought about the service. We found the service learned from its mistakes by using complaint and incidents as an opportunity for learning or improvement. There was good leadership at all levels and the managers promoted a positive culture that was person centred, open, inclusive and empowering.

Inspection carried out on 9 December 2013

During a routine inspection

In this report the name of the previous registered manager, Julie Wales, appears who was not in post and not managing the regulatory activities at this location at the time of the inspection. Their name appears because they were still a registered manager on our register at the time.

People receiving support from Allied Healthcare and their relatives spoken with had mixed opinions, but told us that on the whole they were satisfied with the agency. Their comments included, "It is very good. We have the same group [of care staff] and have never had a visit missed," "[My relative] needs two people to help and two always come. It�s usually the same group and they usually come on time" and �They [care staff] are very nice and very honest. I�ve had a few late calls recently but it�s got better.�

We found that people's care and support needs were assessed and each person had a written plan of care that set out their identified needs and some of the actions required of staff to meet these.

We found that suitable arrangements were in place to ensure people were safeguarded against the risk of abuse and their rights were upheld.

We found that arrangements were in place to provide staff with support and supervision. Staff were being provided with relevant training to maintain and update their skills and knowledge so that people's needs were met by competent staff.

We found that some procedures were in place to audit and monitor systems within the home.