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Parr Mount Court Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 May 2013
Date of Publication: 18 June 2013
Inspection Report published 18 June 2013 PDF | 87.27 KB


Inspection carried out on 15 May 2013

During a routine inspection

As part of our inspection, we talked to people who used the service. We asked them about the care and support they received, and if it met their needs. One person told us "I do like it here; I feel safe and staff look after me very well. This flat is my home and I can say who comes in and who doesn't." We asked this person about family who wanted to visit. They explained that they could receive visitors when they wished, and often went out shopping with their relatives. This person explained "I like the freedom I have to come and go as I please, but have support and help when I need it."

A member of staff we spoke with described working at Parr Mount Court as "really enjoyable." We asked about the support they received with training, and how well prepared they were to work with people with such varying needs. They told us that the training and induction they had received was "the best I've ever had." They explained how they had not previously considered working with adults in supported living environments, but said that they were glad they had made the decision to do so, telling us, "It's really rewarding and actually a very happy environment for the people living here."

We spoke with the acting manager and Operations Director about some problems experienced in the past 12 months, in particular the need for a permanent Registered Manager for this service. We understand that this appointment has now been made and the person will take up post in May 2013.