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Archived: Housing 21 - Hazelmere

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 24 September 2013

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

At our previous inspection in May 2013 we looked at the care records of five people who used the service. During our review of those records we found that although risk assessments had been undertaken and risks for some people had been identified, there was little or no instruction to staff on how those risks should be managed. We found that risk had been identified in some cases but not recorded.

We went back to see if the service were compliant with their action plan. We looked at the care records of nine people who used the service and spoke with the registered manager and with senior staff.

We saw that a risk management plan had been placed in the front of the care records of those people where risks had been identified. Those plans contained a short overview of the person's medical conditions, history, care needs and the identified risk and provided clear information to staff on what action to take to reduce the risk. This management plan was a supplement to the person's care plan. This meant that information on risk was immediately available to staff.

We saw risk assessments had been undertaken for things such as mobility, sight, communication, environment and medication. Where risk had been identified the assessments contained information for staff on how those risks should be managed. This meant that people who used the service were supported by staff who knew how to minimise risk because they were provided with clear information and instruction.

Inspection carried out on 3 May 2013

During a routine inspection

We carried out an inspection of these premises and spoke with the registered manager, three members of care staff, nine people who lived there and a relative.

People we spoke with who lived at Hazelmere told us "I am very satisfied with the care"; "I can join in if I want, or stay in my own flat"; "Yes the staff are lovely" and "They seem to know what they are doing". We spoke to a person's relative and they told us "Mum is happy - we have no complaints".

Some people chose to have no care and were able to utilise the pendant call service which meant that they had support in the case of emergency. We saw evidence that there were appropriate systems in place to protect people from any forms of abuse.

Hazelmere had systems in place to ensure only staff with appropriate background and necessary experience were employed. There were systems in place to monitor and control the quality of the service provided.

People who chose to receive care had their needs assessed and were involved in their care planning which was reviewed on a regular basis. We found that risk assessments were carried out and recorded. However, in four cases we found that although risk assessments had been recorded, they were either not relevant to the current risks or there were no corresponding management plans. This meant that the provider could not be certain that risks were being identified and managed effectively and this could lead to inappropriate care