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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 28 June 2012
Date of Publication: 1 August 2012
Inspection Report published 1 August 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 28 June 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us they were satisfied with the care the agency provided and the expertise of the staff. One person said, �If I�m unwell I tell the nurses and they tell me what to do. They�re very knowledgeable and can give me advice when I need it.� A relative told us, �The service is very good and I am satisfied with everything the agency does. The staff are brilliant at moving and handling. I learn myself from watching them.�

People said they were involved in making decision about their care and support. One person told us, �The staff talk to me while they�re providing care and ask me how I want things done.� People also said the staff were courteous and caring. A relative told us, �The staff are very respectful and they never order my relative about or try and take over.� Another relative said, �The staff are always punctual and polite.�

People told us they would speak out if they weren�t happy with the service. One person said, �I�ve never, ever had a complaint about this agency. But if I did I would phone the office.� A relative told us, "If there any issues or anything to discuss I am on the phone to XXXX (one of the owner�s). I always speak to her personally as she is very good and very approachable and she knows my relative well.�

People said they were happy with the staff team. One told us, �The staff are on time and in and out and get the job done, but they don�t rush me. They are so good and caring.� Another said, �The staff know exactly what they are doing. I trust them completely.�

People told us the providers contacted them regularly to get their views on the service. One person said, �They phone me up to make sure I�m ok and happy with the carers.� A relative told us, �The people who run the agency are very involved and they make sure everything is going smoothly. They keep an eye on things and I have total confidence in them.�