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Archived: Aspirations Residential Southwest Also known as The Limes

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 30 July 2013
Date of Publication: 29 August 2013
Inspection Report published 29 August 2013 PDF

People should be given the medicines they need when they need them, and in a safe way (outcome 9)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Will have their medicines at the times they need them, and in a safe way.
  • Wherever possible will have information about the medicine being prescribed made available to them or others acting on their behalf.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 30 July 2013, observed how people were being cared for and checked how people were cared for at each stage of their treatment and care. We talked with people who use the service, talked with carers and / or family members and talked with staff.

Our judgement

People were protected against the risks associated with medicines because the provider had appropriate arrangements in place to manage medicines.

Reasons for our judgement

Appropriate arrangements were in place in relation to obtaining medicine and disposing of it safely. Appropriate arrangements were in place for the storage of medicines. Medicines were delivered to the home weekly and where possible supplied in blister packs with printed medication administration record (MAR) charts. Any unused medicines were returned to the pharmacist. When a new stock of medicines arrived these were checked against the MAR charts and put into a locked cabinet. Where medicines were not supplied in blister packs the original containers were clearly marked with the person’s name.

Appropriate arrangements were in place in relation to the recording of medicine. We looked at the medication records for three people. All MAR charts had been completed and signed correctly. Each file had a photograph of the person to assist staff in identifying the individual correctly. Most people living in the home had some medication that was prescribed to be given ‘as required’. We looked at the home’s medicines policy that set out clear procedures for staff to follow when administering ‘as required’ medicines.The MAR charts had been printed with the number of occasions per day that medicines could be given if needed. When medicines were given staff recorded this on the MAR chart but also recorded the exact time on a separate sheet. This was to ensure that medicines were given with the correct amount of time between doses.

The manager carried out weekly mediation audits to check medicines stock, the completion of MAR charts and to monitor the amount of ‘as required’ medicines give to each individual. Medication procedures were also checked as part of the provider’s quality assurance monitoring visits.