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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 10, 15 September 2014
Date of Publication: 22 October 2014
Inspection Report published 22 October 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 10, 15 September 2014

During a routine inspection

The service provides personal care to people in their own homes. The service is commissioned by the local authority and is also available for people who pay privately. At the time of this visit the service was being provided to approximately 180 people.

The inspection was undertaken by one inspector. This summary addresses five key questions: is the service safe; is the service effective; is the service caring; is the service responsive and is the service well led?

The summary is based on a visit to the service offices where we looked at records and talked to the registered manager and, in private, to a member of staff. Following the visit we contacted, by telephone, a sample of people who used the service and relatives of people using the service. We also talked to some care staff

The full report contains the evidence to support this summary.

Is the service safe?

Everybody who we spoke with, including staff and people who used the service told us they believed people were safe when receiving the service. One relative said they �definitely� felt their relative was safe and they would �trust them [staff] with his life�.

All staff had received training in safeguarding. Staff were aware of the service�s expectations regarding �whistle blowing�.

The initial assessment and subsequent reviews of people�s care plans included an assessment of any risks posed by the person�s environment.

Staff were provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and told us they always used it.

Is the service effective?

All care was provided on the basis of an assessment and periodic review of each individual�s needs.

Staff had access to a range of appropriate training. Staff told us they felt competent to undertake the tasks expected of them.

There were quality monitoring and quality assurance systems in place. These would assist in identifying any areas where the service needed to improve. All the people who used the service who we asked were positive about the support provided. Several people cited the reliable timing of visits as amongst the best things about the service. Comments included: �they arrive on time and keep going�, �they are always here on time� and �I know I can always rely on them 100%�.

Is the service caring?

All the people who used the service who we asked, spoke positively about the staff who visited them. Comments included: �I�m very impressed�; �carers are brilliant�, �I�ve no problem with the carers� and �[staff are] brilliant with my [relative] � good bunch of girls�.

Is the service responsive?

People told us they could complain and they were confident that any complaint would be listened to. People also told us that they could influence the way in which their care and support was provided.

Staff told us they were encouraged to share any concerns with a member of the management team. One member of staff said they would always seek a reassessment if necessary because care plans were �not written in stone�. Another said any issues were �sorted promptly� because �the senior goes out and reviews � [the care plan] is changed and we are told about it.�

Is the service well led?

Lines of accountability within the service were clear and understood by staff. This did not prevent open communication within the staff team.

Staff were clear about the registered manager�s expectations and standards. One person described the manager as �very easy going and approachable�, but �strict when necessary�.

Staff told us they felt supported through a combination of structured supervision sessions and informal support when they felt it was necessary. One person said �I am very happy with my line manager and have been told �don�t think you are on your own�.� Another member of staff said, in response to the question �what is the best thing about Domus Healthcare� �the management team and staff want to provide a good service�.