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Archived: Hertfordshire Enablement (East)


Inspection carried out on 5 December 2013

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Our inspection in July 2013 found that people were not protected against the risks associated with medicines because the provider did not have appropriate arrangements in place to manage medicines. The manager provided us with information to show how they would achieve compliance with this standard.

During our inspection on 5 December 2013 we found that improvements had been made. We saw that appropriate arrangements were in place in relation to obtaining, recording, storage and administration of medicines. We spoke with two people who told us they were satisfied with the way staff assisted them with their medicines. One person said they gave the staff “full marks”. They said they felt the staff, “Know what they are doing” with the medicines.

Inspection carried out on 3, 8, 10 July 2013

During a routine inspection

During this inspection we spoke with five people and one person's relative during visits to their homes. We also spoke with 15 other people and one relative on the telephone.

People’s views and experiences were taken into account in the way the service was provided. The provider had an effective system in place to regularly assess and monitor the quality of the service.

People experienced care that met their needs. All the people we spoke with made positive comments about the service. The majority of people said they felt their needs were met. One person told us, “They reassure me and help me to do things myself. They’ve been really good.” Another person said the service had been “… fantastic! I'm really pleased with it”. A third person told us, “I’ve nothing but praise [for the service]. It’s all been super.”

People were not protected against the risks associated with medicines because the provider did not have appropriate arrangements in place to manage medicines. Although the manager had put in place systems to reduce the risk to people before the end of our inspection, we were not able to test whether these improvements would be sustained.

Staff were supported to deliver care safely and to a good standard. Everyone we spoke with praised the staff. One person told us that staff were “… always cheerful and put me at my ease. We had a laugh over things. They treated me well.” Other comments included that the staff were “...excellent” and “... very friendly”.

Inspection carried out on 23 August 2012

During a routine inspection

During our inspection in August 2012 we were told that people were very happy with the care they received from this agency. Comments about the service provided to us included, “Excellent”, “Very Good” and “The whole thing was very satisfactory.”

People told us that the staff understood and met their needs. However, we were concerned that several people were provided care by the agency prior to their care needs and associated risks being assessed and their care plans devised. This meant that people may have been at risk of being provided inappropriate and inconsistent care.

People told us they were encouraged to express their views about decisions involving their care and that these views were respected. We found that the majority of people were given appropriate information regarding their support and care.

People told us that the staff from the agency respected their privacy and ensured their modesty was protected while providing personal care. One person told us the staff, “Wanted to be sure I wasn’t embarrassed. All the workers were very good like that.”

Inspection carried out on 11 October 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spoke by telephone with five people who use the service or their relatives, to find out their views about the support and care that they received. Everyone who we spoke with told us that they received the support that they had agreed, and that the care workers helped them to become more independent. One person said, “They know what help I need. They are all nice girls.”

Everyone who we spoke with said that they were confident that the care workers had the training and skills that they needed to support them to become more independent. One relative said, “They are pretty good, they know what they are doing.”

All the people who we spoke with said that their views were always listened to and acted upon.