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The provider of this service changed - see old profile

We have removed an inspection report for St Margaret's Care Home from 5 July 2019. The removal of the report is not related to the provider or the quality of this service. We found an issue with some of the information gathered by an individual who supported our inspection. We will reinspect this service as soon as possible and publish a new inspection report.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 16 October 2013
Date of Publication: 16 November 2013
Inspection Report published 16 November 2013 PDF | 82.85 KB


Inspection carried out on 16 October 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us �They (the staff) are alright. They don�t bother you,� �Personally speaking I cannot grumble,� �I can go to bed when I want to,� �It�s lovely here,� �I feel well cared for� and �I find it absolutely marvellous here.�

However, despite these positive comments we found peoples� care and welfare needs were not planned in a way which ensured their safety and welfare. This was because for some people had been assessed as at risk of developing a pressure ulcer but no risk management plans had been put in place to guide staff and to ensure people�s safety.

People who used the service were given appropriate information and some were involved in making decisions about their care and treatment. However, we found some people were not treated with dignity and respect. For example, when talking to people staff used phrases like �Don�t do that!� and �Leave the table alone�.

We found that there were sufficient staff to meet peoples� needs. There was also an effective complaints procedure in place so people knew their views would be listened to.