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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 5 June 2013
Date of Publication: 10 July 2013
Inspection Report published 10 July 2013 PDF

People should be cared for in safe and accessible surroundings that support their health and welfare (outcome 10)

Not met this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are in safe, accessible surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 5 June 2013, checked how people were cared for at each stage of their treatment and care and talked with carers and / or family members. We talked with staff, reviewed information sent to us by other regulators or the Department of Health and talked with other regulators or the Department of Health.

We used the Short Observational Framework for Inspection (SOFI). SOFI is a specific way of observing care to help us understand the experience of people who could not talk with us.

Our judgement

People who use the service, staff and visitors were not protected against the risks of unsafe or unsuitable premises.

Reasons for our judgement

We conducted a tour of the home which included looking at communal areas, cooking areas, toilets, bathrooms and individual rooms. Some areas had been redecorated including easy to clean floors; however the home was in need of redecoration and maintenance in a number of areas.

We spoke to two relatives of people using the service. One person said, “I have seen maintenance carried out within the home.” Another person said, “I feel sorry for the maintenance man. There is a lot to be done. There used to be carpets in some areas which have now been replaced. It is a bit better.”

During our tour of the building we identified some toiletries and bleach had been left in some of the bathrooms. There were some people who were able to walk without aid; this meant people within the home could potentially gain access to harmful substances. We raised this issue with the manager on the day of our inspection and they said they would consider an alternative storage solution in the interest of safety and address this with staff.

A number of the radiator covers were twisted which meant it was easy to catch or injure oneself when passing in the corridor. We observed handrails in the corridor were not secure and needed replacing. The general paintwork on skirting boards and door frames also needed updating.

In one person's room we found the door slammed itself shut. This presented a risk to the person using the service.

We observed one person being assisted in a wheelchair with a flat tyre. This meant there was a risk that the equipment people used was not being regularly maintained.

We observed fire escapes were clear and fire extinguishers had been checked. We did however find that the fire escape in the laundry room was blocked by the ironing board. We were informed that there were plans in place to resolve this.

During our inspection the fire alarm sounded. Staff assembled in the car park; however there was no fire assembly point sign. Fire action signs had also not been completed within the home.

With regards to linen storage, all clean linen was stored off the floor, however clean linen was on shelving that needed repairing and we also found clean pillows stored in a bin.

We spoke to staff on duty who said the home was in need of redecoration and maintenance in certain parts. One member of staff said, “I think the decoration could be made better and some parts need painting.” Another member of staff said, “There is definitely room for improvement. Some areas are not inviting.” When asked if action was taken quickly to identified issues, staff agreed action was taken relatively promptly. One member of staff said, “There is a maintenance person within the home and they do help with things that need doing.”

The outside area for people using the service was not being maintained. There were no flowers, dog faeces in a number of areas and hazardous cleaning fluid had been left unattended. When we observed the door frame for the residential unit from the outside, it was apparent it was rotting and in need of replacement.

Overall we found inadequate maintenance of the premises and the surrounding grounds for people using the home.