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Archived: Hartisca House

The provider of this service changed - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 10 May 2013

During a routine inspection

Before people received any care or treatment they were routinely asked for their consent. Members of staff told us they always explained all procedures and treatments. The care and treatment plans we looked at contained evidence of people’s views and experiences that were taken into account in the way the service was provided. One person told us, “Staff explain things, they are very good.”

People had detailed care plans relating to all aspects of their care needs. They contained a good level of information setting out exactly how each person should be supported that ensured their needs were met. We spoke with six people who used the service and they told us they were happy with the care and treatment they received. One person told us, “It’s lovely here and I am well looked after.”

We observed that people were cared for in a clean, hygienic environment. There were effective systems in place to reduce the risk and spread of infection. The people we spoke with told us that they had no concerns with the cleanliness of the home.

We found that people were supported by sufficient numbers of qualified, skilled and experienced staff which met people’s needs. People who used the service we spoke with told us there were always enough staff to help them when they needed support.

There were quality monitoring programmes in place, which included people giving feedback about their care, support and treatment. This provided a good overview of the quality of the services provided.

Inspection carried out on 22 May 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us they were happy with the care provided. We spoke with four people who used the service. People told us they were able to choose what they wanted to do each day and decide if they wanted to join in with the activities. Two people told us they had not read their care plan but that was their choice. One person told us, “Its lovely living here because of the attention people give to you.” One person said that, “You are never dictated to here.” Another person told us, “You can do what you want here.”

Everyone we spoke with told us their dignity was respected and confidentiality was always maintained. Three people told us that staff encouraged them to be as independent as possible.

People who used the service told us they were happy living at the home and they were well looked after. One person told us, “I’m happy living here, it’s alright.” Another person told us “Everything is prefect, it’s wonderful, very homely, and you can’t improve here.” One person said, “It’s very very nice, I love it.” The fourth person we spoke with told us, “I’m quite happy, it is like my own home.” Staff were described as, “Impossible to improve, wonderful, great and helpful.”

The four people we spoke with told us that they felt safe at the home and they would tell staff or the manager if they were worried about anything.