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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 29 May 2012
Date of Publication: 4 July 2012
Inspection Report published 4 July 2012 PDF

Staff should be properly trained and supervised, and have the chance to develop and improve their skills (outcome 14)

Not met this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by competent staff.

How this check was done

Our judgement

The provider is not compliant with this standard. We judged this had a minor impact on people using the service and action was needed for this essential standard. Staff were not consistently supported to deliver care and treatment safely and to an appropriate standard.

User experience

We saw an email from a relative who thanked staff for the support they provided to their relative and for their very caring, professional and responsible communication when talking with them over the telephone with regards to their relative’s condition. They explained that their relative was reassured and this allowed them to feel they could manage and resolve the situation more easily as a result despite their distance.

Other evidence

Staff received the common induction standards training provided to people in the care industry and were provided with 25 hours of training and shadowing depending on experience. Emergency situations were covered and staff were informed that an in depth training would follow. A yearly performance check is completed for staff and every 3 months a spot check supervision should take place. We were told that as a result of changes to the roles of senior staff supervisions had fallen behind. We were told around half were completed.

We looked at the training matrix. Training to meet the essential standards of care included manual handling, food hygiene first aid, infection control, tissues viability, safeguarding, medication and tissue viability. Specialist training provided included a National Vocational Qualification levels two and three in care, end of life training and report writing. Staff were provided with regular updates in their training that was relevant for their role. In this way they were provided with the information and skills needed to be able to carry out the tasks involved in care.

The manager provided us with copies of the training received by staff at the agency. We saw that the policies associated the training were reviewed and dated. We saw that a number of resources were employed to assist the learner. A training area with equipment was provided for practical learning situations such as manual handling where the use of a hoist was demonstrated.

We spoke with five staff members. Three staff explained how they shadowed or watched another care worker performing their care duties in the community.

Staff told us they felt they did not get enough shadowing and supervision. They also said some appraisals may have been missed due to the changes in their line managers. We asked the manager about this and we were told that some aspects of staff reviews may have fallen behind due to two changes of manager for some staff but that the senior care workers had started to address this now.