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Alliance Living Care - Weston-Super-Mare & Worle Good

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 15 February 2019

We undertook an inspection of Alliance Living Care – Weston Super-Mare on the 25, 28 January and finished on the 1 February 2019. An Expert by experience made phone calls to people on the 25 January 2019.

The inspection was announced, which meant that the manager knew we would be visiting. This was to ensure someone would be available to support the inspection.

The service registered to provide a regulated activity with the Care Quality Commission in June 2014. The service was rated requires improvement at the last inspection. In Safe, effective and Well-led it was rated requires improvement. At this inspection we found the service had improved to a rating of Good in all domains and overall.

Alliance Living Care – Weston Super Mare is a domiciliary care agency. It provides personal care to people living in their own homes. It provides a service to older people. Not everyone using Alliance Living care – Weston Super Mare receives a regulated activity; CQC only inspects the service being received by people provided with ‘personal care’; for example help with tasks related to personal hygiene and eating. At the time of our inspection 239 people were receiving personal care and support from the service.

A registered manager was in post at the time of our inspection. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

At our last inspection we found records relating to how people received their medicines needed improving as well as audits. At this inspection we found improvements had been made to the recording of medicines and audits.

People received their medicines safely and records relating to the recording of tablets had improved.

People received their visits from staff who they were familiar with and who they described as kind and caring. People felt safe and care plans contained environmental risk assessments.

Staff had checks undertaken prior to starting work. Staff received training and supervision and all felt able to raise any concerns should they need to. New staff received an induction and people were supported by staff who received additional training to ensure they were competent and skilled in their roles.

People were supported by staff who were kind and caring and who were able to demonstrate examples of privacy and respect. Staff had a good understanding of equality and diversity and how they promoted people’s independence and choice.

People felt able to complain should they need to however all people and relatives were happy and had no reason to complain.

Staff were familiar with people’s needs and care plans were reviewed and personalised.

The provider had audits that identified shortfalls and the performance of the service was monitored by the nominated individual.

People’s views were sought so improvements could be made. Staff felt the service was a nice place to work with a good staff team.

The provider was submitting notifications when required and displaying their rating.

Inspection areas



Updated 15 February 2019

The service was Safe.

Risk assessments relating to medicines and pressure sores were in place.

People received their medicines when required and records confirmed medicines and creams were administered.

People were happy with their care and felt they received support from regular staff.

People were supported by staff who had checks prior to starting their employment.



Updated 15 February 2019

The service was effective.

Staff received training, supervision and an annual appraisal.

Care plans confirmed if people had capacity or if there was lasting power of attorney in place.

People had support from staff if required with their meals.



Updated 15 February 2019

The service remained good in Caring.



Updated 15 February 2019

The service remained Responsive.



Updated 15 February 2019

The service was Well-led.

The providers quality assurance system identified shortfalls and improvements required.

People’s views were sought and staff felt it was a nice place to work.

The provider was submitting notifications when required.