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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 11 December 2012
Date of Publication: 31 January 2013
Inspection Report published 31 January 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 11 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We found written evidence in care plans that people who used the service had signed to agree to the care and treatment provided. The people we spoke with could not remember if they had a care plan or if they had signed an agreement to their care. However they were all satisfied with the care they received and felt they were able to express their wishes and that these were taken into account. They told us they were �Well cared for.� One person said �I have got better, I couldn�t do anything for myself and now I do most things.�

We saw that staff involved people in meaningful activities throughout the day and there was a very lively and happy atmosphere within the home. One person told us �There is plenty going on and I get out regularly.�

We found appropriate arrangements were in place in relation to obtaining and disposal of medicines, and administration and the recording of medicine. People we spoke with told us that they received their medicines when they needed them.

We found that staff received appropriate training and support. People who used the service told us they liked the staff and they said their needs were met. They told us �I am well looked after" and �The staff are very nice.�

People told us they were consulted about events in the home. We also found the views of people who used the service were sought through regular meetings and questionnaires.